Chocolate Lactation Cookies

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Rich, decadent and indulgent. A firm favourite with chocolate lovers. Have your chocolate fix while nourishing the body and pumping it up with galactagogues.


Moms with low milk supply:
Minimum 5 – 6 cookies (first 2 days)

To keep up a steady supply:
Minimum 3 – 4 cookies daily

Note: Efficacy of the product varies for each individual.  
Adequate consumption of liquids and a healthy diet are vital to achieve optimal results.

Aim to empty both sides of the breast completely every 2-3 hourly to stimulate consistent milk production.


11 reviews for Chocolate Lactation Cookies

  1. Veronica

    First attempt. So far so good. But need to try again to see if it works

  2. Wei Wei

    Fast delivery. Took 2 days before effect took place as per recommendation on package. Thanks for this!

  3. Jasvin

    Love the taste it’s so sinful but healthy. Boosted my supply too.

  4. Catherine

    A lot of lactation cookies out there nowadays but this is by far the tastiest and lucky for me it reacts well on me.

  5. Joanne

    Got this as a gift and next thing i know, i’m on my 4th order now. Thanks for the great cookie.

  6. Jaseena


  7. Sherlee

    Love your chocolate! Works for me and I have been sharing this with my circle of friends. Thanks!!

  8. Sharon John

    It’s so addictive ~ almost finished the whole pack in one seating and had an overflow same night.

  9. Michelle Kova

    Fast delivery and great customer service. I’m addicted to the taste and best of it all is that it boosts my supply.

  10. Gennie Chu

    I’ve tried a few booster products and unfortunately my body don’t seem to be as receptive. Ordered this 2 days back and it’s staring to show results. Thanks.

  11. June Tan

    Would recommend the cookies. Works on me.

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