Ruuah Lactation Cookies + Baby Milestone Cards Gift Set


In collaboration with, you can now purchase our lactation cookie series together with baby milestone cards as a gift for parents-to-be or new moms! Featuring beautifully illustrated blobs and shapes, this is a set of gender neutral baby milestone cards and they are perfect for all babies (and mommies)! Capture precious moments and milestones of your baby’s growth and first year in weeks, months and memorable moments. Printed on 310 gsm paper. Cards measure ~ 5” x 7” the perfect size when held next to a baby! Finished with rounded corners making them safe for little hands and eyes.

Cookies Ingredients and FAQs
Caramel Lactation Cookies
Subtle, warm and comforting. Let the irresistible taste of caramelised sugar tickle your palate as you enjoy it with your favourite hot drink. Savour this healthy, yet delicious treat and fill your body with the galactagogue goodness.

Chocolate Lactation Cookies
Rich, decadent and indulgent. A firm favourite with chocolate lovers. Have your chocolate fix while nourishing the body and pumping it up with galactagogues.

Moms with low milk supply:
Minimum 5 – 6 cookies (first 2 days)

To keep up a steady supply:
Minimum 3 – 4 cookies daily

Note: Efficacy of the product varies for each individual.
Adequate consumption of liquids and a healthy diet are vital to achieve optimal results. Aim to empty both sides of the breast completely every 2-3 hourly to stimulate consistent milk production.

Ruuah lactation series is specially and carefully developed with ingredients of exacting quality to delivery optimum nutrition for a nursing mom. Our ingredients are personally sourced and are mainly organically-certified so you can savour each delicious taste of Ruuah products in absolute peace of mind. in fact, they are so nutritionally superior that most moms love sharing their milk booster snack with their older kids as our cookies are baked with only the good stuff and none of the baddies.