Caramel Lactation Cookies

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[Named as one of The Best Lactation Cookies in Malaysia by The Wedding Wows SG!]

Subtle, warm and comforting. Let the irresistible taste of caramelised sugar tickle your palate as you enjoy it with your favourite hot drink. Savour this healthy, yet delicious treat and fill your body with the galactagogue goodness.


Moms with low milk supply:
Minimum 5 – 6 cookies (first 2 days)

To keep up a steady supply:
Minimum 3 – 4 cookies daily

Note: Efficacy of the product varies for each individual.  
Adequate consumption of liquids and a healthy diet are vital to achieve optimal results.

Aim to empty both sides of the breast completely every 2-3 hourly to stimulate consistent milk production.


2 reviews for Caramel Lactation Cookies

  1. Taniya

    Works right away for me but my friend requires more cookies before seeing the effect. Varies on individual.

  2. Ellie

    I’ve tried a few lactation products before and not all works. This works fine on me and tastes good too.

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