Pensive Bakers

At Pensive Bakers, we believe that breastfeeding your child is the greatest gift
you can ever give your newborn for an incomparable head start in life.

Breastfeeding offers unrivalled health benefits and bonding for both mom and baby.

RUUAH Lactation Cookies are milk boosters designed to help nursing moms increase their milk supply naturally, in the most delectable forms. These cookies are power packed with lactogenic ingredients, which naturally work to stimulate milk glands to increase breast milk supply. 

Eaten on their own, RUUAH Lactation Cookies are not only great as a milk booster, they also help to improve the quality of breastmilk in a lactating mom.


MK AngMommy of 1

Amazingly delicious cookies for breastfeeding mom.. and children too! My girl is absolutely loving them!! 😋 Btw, hubby ate them too, and he loves the taste and texture! Nice job done!

Jessica WongMother of 3

I was bit worried about my supply as I gave birth earlier than expected. Now munching on my favourite Caramel cookies gave me overflowing supply of breastmilk for my baby! It worked wonders throughout my breastfeeding journey and best of all my kids get to enjoy the goodness from it all together!

Cheryl LeeMummy of 1

I have tried chocolate and caramel flavors, both are amazingly delicious 😋 especially chocolate is my favorite. The lactation cookies are with plenty of chia seed and oat which it really helps on my breastfeeding journey. Thanks Ruaah 😊

June TanMum of 1

I've had issues with lactation and it isn't easy getting a solution especially when I don't want to resort to drugs. Thanks to Ruuah cookies that is 100% organic, I have no worries taking them and the best part is that it WORKS!!

Jason ChongNot a Parent

I'm not a parent and have no milk supply problems but I ate the cookies because of it's ingredients. Tried it and loved it. Very tasty, probably better than famous amos 🙂 🙂

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