The People Behind RUUAH


RUUAH is the product of a healthy symbiosis between 2 childhood buddies; a passionate baker and mom of two with more than a decade of baking experience. Baker mom is a huge advocate of the benefits of breastfeeding and has breastfed both her kids, with her youngest successfully breastfed for a whole 40 months. She is all too familiar with the pains and triumphs that come with the beautiful act of nursing one’s child and has set out to help nursing moms out there have a smoother breastfeeding journey.

The RUUAH Lactation Series is specially and carefully developed with ingredients that not only boost a nursing mom’s milk supply, it increases the quality of her milk, nourishes her body and provides her with the energy she needs to get through the day.


Lynn ChoongMummy of 2

Didn't know there got such cookie for breast milk. Was scared to try beghinnig but after trying it realy works. And I love the taste very much.

Taaswina DanielsMother of 1

Had supply issue for a while now and I have to be honest that it did take a toll on my emotional state. Not anymore 🙂 Luv the caramel

Sammi LingMama of 2

Took the cookies in the first few months due to shortage.There is no dependency on the cookie and have stopped after couple of months. Works wonders i must say.

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