RUUAH Cookies – What is inside?

Early this year, we embarked a quest to make the most delicious lactation cookies that taste nothing like conventional healthy, functional cookies. After lots of trial, errors and bantering between the two co-founders; Miss Magic Maker and Mr Wizard, there was finally an agreement. Test version 9.0 was one that silenced the banter and all we could do was be in silent awe of what we managed to create.

We were greedy. We wanted to pack in as much milk boosting ingredients without compromising on taste. We also wanted to make these cookies the healthiest thing you will ever put into your mouth. We wanted it to be a deliciousness that breastfeeding moms could take a moment to savour and forget about all the chaos around her. We wanted it to be a sweet treat that is so healthy, mummies would want to share them with their husbands and growing kids.

What we created in the end are the RUUAH Lactation cookies that you love. If you have ever wondered what makes the cookies such efficient milk boosters, here is what we have packed into it:

OATS are highly popular milk boosters that are high in fiber, proteins vitamins, minerals and trace elements. There are more OATS than flour in each RUUAH cookie.

FLAX SEEDS stimulate milk production and has high amounts of essential fatty acids. These increase the fat content in breastmilk, that is vital for baby’s brain development.

DATES are used as the main sweetening agent in RUUAH’s Lactation cookies. There are more dates than sugar in each cookie. Dates are highly nutritious, perfect to nourish and provide energy for mummies post-birth.

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL contains high amounts of Lauric Acid and Capric Acid that is passed on through breastmilk so your baby gets increased antimicrobial protection from harmful virus, bacteria, yeast and parasites. Perfect for a baby’s underdeveloped immune system!

BREWER’S YEAST is often dubbed as ‘nature’s wonder food’. It is nutritionally superior with high amounts of vitamins and minerals essential in producing high quality breastmilk. Most importantly, it is an excellent lactation booster.

CHIA SEEDS are a nutritional powerhouse every nursing mom needs in her diet. They provide nutrients vital for a baby’s bone and teeth development. Chia seeds are also the highest known food source for Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These play an important part in ensuring the healthy development of baby’s brain and nervous system.

FENNEL SEEDS are highly popular as a breastmilk booster. They contain high amounts of phytoestrogens and tryptophan that helps stimulate milk glands to increase milk supply.

There are no magical ‘leaky boob chemicals’ in RUUAH’s cookies. Just a ton of healthful ingredients that are good for anybody, regardless of age and gender. So please feel free to share them with your loved ones. Tell your partners and male friends they will never lactate after having RUUAH’s cookies!