🍼Optimising your RUUAH Lactation cookies for your best yield ever!🍼

You have bought your first pack of RUUAH Lactation Cookies as a breast milk booster to help your severely low breast milk supply. You have consumed the recommended 4-5 pieces of cookies. Now what?

RUUAH’s Lactation cookies are made from completely natural ingredients, like oats, dates, flax seeds, fennel seeds, chia seeds, virgin coconut oil and brewer’s yeast. So, unlike popping a pill, results will vary with each individual.

To make the best out of these yummy milk booster cookies, here are 4 things you can do to maximise your milk yield as the cookies work their magic.

Not getting enough liquids will slow down your milk production. So, stay hydrated at all times. Before you run off to gulp down jugs of water, do remember that ALL liquids count. That includes tea, juices and soup.

A nursing mom requires about an additional 500 calories a day to produce breast milk. Target to consume 1500-1800 calories per day for a healthy milk supply. Producing breastmilk is important business, so be sure to make those calories count. Choose nutrient dense foods over empty calories (junk!) to nourish your body for better quality milk. RUUAH Lactation cookies are packed with highly nutritious ingredients that benefit both mummy and baby. Our customers have reported creamier breastmilk after consuming the cookies.

When you empty both sides of your breasts of milk, it sends signals to the brains to produce more milk to keep up with baby’s demands. Not emptying it fully will have the opposite effect. So, keep latching on your baby or use a breast pump every 2-3 hourly to stimulate a consistent milk supply. If your baby only feeds on one side, use a breast pump to empty the other breast.

Don’t stress over your milk supply and trust in your body to be able to sufficiently provide sustenance for your child. Stress can cause a dip in milk supply. So remember – happy mom, healthy milk supply!

Breastfeeding both my kids for more than 36 months is one of the most difficult yet beautiful things I have ever done. I know the struggle is real. But I also would not have it any other way. I have fought my way through low milk supply, bloody nipples, mastitis, leaky boobs and raised 2 very healthy and ROBUST kids with these two breasts. Their health and amazing immune system makes it all worthwhile. And now, YOU can do it too.

❤️❤️All the best! ❤️❤️